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An adjustable standing desk for your home and office.

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office new year resolutions

Combating Poor Posture

Everyone starts the day in a similar way. After time, we begin to fall into habits that we may not realize are effecting our state of being. It can be small habits at first, that come across as harmless. After time passes, those harmless habits become situations that may be detrimental to our health. It Read More >

7 Ways to Be Happy

7 Ways to Be Happy

Happiness is about the little things. Follow these 7 steps to happiness and get ready to put a smile on your face.

office new year resolutions

Office New Year Resolutions

Five Office New Year Resolutions For many, a new year means new beginnings. It can help some create new habits, and attempt to break others. Consider these office new year resolutions as a primer for helping your team bring in the new year. 1. Leave the Negativity Behind If you’re like most people, you drive Read More >

adjustable desktop workstation

Adjustable Desktop Workstation

Learn more about the RiseUP Table Top – an adjustable desktop workstation. The RiseUP Table Top is an adjustable desktop workstation. Give yourself the freedom to sit and stand at your work area. There’s no need for compromising your space, or your budget.  The RiseUP is designed to sit on a flat surface, and offers Read More >

love your job

Love Your Job (Again)

How to Love Your Job It’s difficult to do the same thing, every day. Not everyone can sit in the same place for too long without muscle aches, or getting fidgety, or even bored. There are things you can do to help win back your love for office life. If you are like me, you Read More >

poor work habits

Combating Poor Work Habits

From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to bed, most of us spend our days on our butts leading to poor work habits.

RiseUP Stand Up Desk

Lower Back Pain at the Office

Stand up to relieve lower back pain. Do you suffer from lower back pain? The RiseUP is made for you. It allows you to sit or stand when you need to change positions. It’s easy to use, holds a lot of weight, is light enough to move around by yourself, and doesn’t require electricity. The best Read More >

Standing Desk Outside

What is RiseUP Table Top?

The RiseUP Table Top is a spring assisted portable, adjustable standing desk. The RiseUP Table Top is thirteen pounds and holds over forty pounds of weight. The top is industrial strength, recycled plastic, and the mechanism is recycled aluminum. All components are manufactured in Florida. The RiseUP Table Top is designed to be placed on Read More >

RiseUP Standing Desk habits

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk is office furniture that allows an individual to stand while having access to computers, or any other work related components, of one’s daily routine. Traditionally, desks have been designed at such a height that fixes the individual using the desk to lower oneself to a sitting position. As of late it has Read More >