RiseUP Table Top

An adjustable standing desk for your home and office.

Almost four weeks since changing habits. That’s how long I’ve been using a standing desk. And it’s changed how I work for the better.
Instead of sitting and writing, I’m standing and writing… until my feet hurt, and my calves get sore, then I sit. And when I do, I adjust the desk and bring my MacBook down and keep tapping keys.
Actually, what I’m using isn’t a desk, it’s the RiseUP Table Top, a portable tabletop that rises and falls, depending on your mood, your body sensations, or both.
It retails for $189 but (get ready for the disclaimer) I got mine last year as a gift from a good friend, who happens to be one of the tabletop’s inventors.
And since I got it before the holidays, I figured it would be a good time to build a new habit that’s been on my mind for some time: how to work healthier throughout the day.
I’ve never been part of the “gym crowd” or joined the afternoon walkers in their gleaming tennis shoes. I’d rather toss a Frisbee during lunch but I don’t want to sweat, which is too easy in Florida.
So what’s the alternative?
Just about anyone who’s practically lived worked in a cubicle for any length of time will tell you: sitting down for eight hours every day fucks with your body.
That’s part of reason there’s been an explosion of research and news articles touting the benefits of the standing desk and the horrors of sitting down all-day at work.
The graphic (courtesy of Molly Zisk at The Register) below lists some of the “hazards of sitting”:

RiseUP Standing Desk Writing Table

A customer sent this image of their RiseUP being used as a writing desk.

Still, the evidence didn’t convince me. Truth be told, the RiseUP gathered a lot of dust those first couple of weeks. But then something happened.
Slowly, I started using it. 10 minutes here. 20 minutes there, mostly handwriting in my notebook. Until, one day I found myself doing a free writing session that ran more than an hour.
Each morning after that, I was standing up at least an hour to write. My standing time only increased from there. Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t back slide, or completely switched to standing throughout the workday. I’m not there yet.
But I definitely have changed my writing habit. I feel it in my lower back right now. And my left calf, which has been sore for the last few days.
That’s OK, I’ll just switch up…

by Stevey Jones