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It’s reasonable to consider cost when thinking of overhead and employees. Every business has to be frugal. Business is about making money after all. So what do you do to make your office more friendly to the people that are there all day?

The daily work routine can take it’s toll on just about anyone. Sitting down is something to consider. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to bed, most of us spend our days on our butts! That is ultimately leading to poor work habits.

Poor work habits

The Washington Post published an article on the health hazards of sitting, which read like a horror story for most of us. They reported that sitting leads to a “chain of problems from head to toe” which includes;

  • Organ damage (heart disease, over-productive pancreas)
  • Muscle degeneration (mushy abs, tight hips, limp glutes)
  • Leg disorders (poor circulation in legs, soft bones)
  • Brain and Neck Trouble (foggy brain, strained neck, sore shoulders and back)
  • Bad back (inflexible spine, disk damage)

Further reading of the article will show scientists and notable sources were interviewed for the initial report.

How to combat issues from sitting all day

It’s common knowledge that exercise and a healthy diet is the answer to happiness and well-being. It’s also no secret that being inside for long periods of time leads to such things as bad eating habits and lack of exercise! Did you know that therapy for cabin fever is to simply go outside and interact with nature? Perhaps the answer to our office woes is as simple as standing up once ever twenty minutes and walking around the office.

Cue the standing desk! What if you had the option to stand up at your desk? Even better, what if you had the option to stand, and sit at your leisure? Seems like an inexpensive investment for the company’s most valuable assets.

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