RiseUP Table Top

An adjustable standing desk for your home and office.

The RiseUP Table Top is a spring assisted portable, adjustable standing desk.

The RiseUP Table Top is thirteen pounds and holds over forty pounds of weight. The top is industrial strength, recycled plastic, and the mechanism is recycled aluminum. All components are manufactured in Florida.

The RiseUP Table Top is designed to be placed on a flat surface. This allows the operator an extra fourteen inches (14″) of reach at it’s highest position. This function is popular amongst office employees that sit at desks for a long period of time. It is also extremely useful for other tasks that require a table top surface to adjust different heights. One such example is for the writer and her writing desk. Another is for the painter that desires a height adjustable palette, or artist that requires a movable table top.

RiseUP Table Top

Take a moment and consider your every day tasks. Is it time to change something? Consider a RiseUP Table Top and take control of your work area.