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An adjustable standing desk for your home and office.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing Desk – RiseUP Table Top

The RiseUP Table Top adjustable standing desk is the only adjustable stand up desk designed for portability, durability, and strength. Most standing desks are large, heavy, and difficult to move. The RiseUP is only 13 pounds and can easily be carried with one hand, using the built in handle.

The RiseUP is designed to be placed on any flat surface, meaning you don’t have to replace your current furniture. If you want to move the table top from one place to another, you can easily do it yourself.

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Unlike other standing desks, the RiseUP uses spring assist. This feature lasts much longer than those that use other mechanisms. The heavy-duty springs make it easy to lift the top. The springs will also last much longer than the alternatives. In addition to the springs, our patent product uses all recycled material, which we are proud of. All of our tables are made in the United States using all recycled materials.

RiseUP Table Top a small company with big ideas. The goal is to provide the public with products that enhance daily lives. Every purchase of a RiseUP Table Top Standing Desk goes into American ingenuity. Support small US business, and improve your daily habits by using a RiseUP Table Top.

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