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An adjustable standing desk for your home and office.

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7 Ways to Be Happy

7 Ways to Be Happy

Happiness is about the little things. Follow these 7 steps to happiness and get ready to put a smile on your face.

RiseUP Stand Up Desk

Lower Back Pain at the Office

Stand up to relieve lower back pain. Do you suffer from lower back pain? The RiseUP is made for you. It allows you to sit or stand when you need to change positions. It’s easy to use, holds a lot of weight, is light enough to move around by yourself, and doesn’t require electricity. The best Read More >

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Lawrence’s Story

How a friend’s new tattoo made me thankful for my RiseUp

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The Adventures of Space-Man Jones

Space-Man Jones is at the helm, ready to make the jump to light-speed… That’s what I hear between my ears each time I start writing at my standing desk. The voice is a cross between Duck Dodgers and Lando Calrissian. I know where it came from (“A galaxy far, far away…”) but I don’t know Read More >

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Switch Up, Rise Up

Almost four weeks since changing habits. That’s how long I’ve been using a standing desk. And it’s changed how I work for the better. Instead of sitting and writing, I’m standing and writing… until my feet hurt, and my calves get sore, then I sit. And when I do, I adjust the desk and bring Read More >

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What is RiseUP Table Top?

The RiseUP Table Top is a spring assisted portable, adjustable standing desk. The RiseUP Table Top is thirteen pounds and holds over forty pounds of weight. The top is industrial strength, recycled plastic, and the mechanism is recycled aluminum. All components are manufactured in Florida. The RiseUP Table Top is designed to be placed on Read More >

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What is a standing desk?

A standing desk is office furniture that allows an individual to stand while having access to computers, or any other work related components, of one’s daily routine. Traditionally, desks have been designed at such a height that fixes the individual using the desk to lower oneself to a sitting position. As of late it has Read More >