RiseUP Table Top

An adjustable standing desk for your home and office.

A standing desk is office furniture that allows an individual to stand while having access to computers, or any other work related components, of one’s daily routine.

Traditionally, desks have been designed at such a height that fixes the individual using the desk to lower oneself to a sitting position. As of late it has been contested being in such a position for long periods of time (such as the average office employee) results in degraded health due to many factors. Regardless of one’s literal physical position, lack of physical activity will without a doubt reflect on one’s overall quality of life.

The popularity of standing desks have ushered in many online articles (similar to this) that argues the benefits of standing while at work. However, if you are like me and have experience in the service industry, you know being on your feet all day is not as enjoyable as other alternatives. However, if you consider we sleep lying down, there is good argument in the idea that sitting is not a natural position.

Regardless of your co-workers angst towards the trends of the current year, having the option to stand and sit is better than no option at all. Sometimes being on your feet does enhance your attentiveness, digestion, and allows you to do some stretching.